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99% of customers stay with RBA over the long term


Would you rather speak to an independent pensions adviser – or an adviser who is no longer deemed independent? We are not restricted so, whatever your needs, we can search the whole of the market and tailor recommendations to you.



We independently select and manage hand-picked investments, from whole of market landscape, to meet each individual investor’s needs. Most team members have been employed by RBA for 10–20 years and work hard to maintain a 99% customer retention rate.


Asset Management

Because RBA is independent, it is often shortlisted by prospects looking for an asset management service. We also have our own Chartered Financial Planner, which demonstrates our professional commitment to raising standards in the financial advice industry.


Tax Planning

Maximising tax reliefs minimises the tax you pay. RBA has a selection of asset allocation tools to hand, and uses a wide range of tools to save customers a substantial amount of money and also yield returns on investments.


Nobody cares more about managing and growing your wealth than we do

RBA has gone the extra mile to formally – and informally – demonstrate its independence, integrity and depth of expertise and ability to deliver a consistently first-class service over many years. Clients include both businesses and individuals. Services provided include asset management, investing, tax planning, retirement planning, pension transfers, applying pensions freedom where and when appropriate, occupational pensions and annuities.

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UK’s divorce has begun

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