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Professionally Managed Assets to Meet Your Individual Investment and Funding Needs

The value of an investment and the income it produces can go down as well as up, and you may not get back as much as you put in.

With this fact in mind, you should be exceptionally careful about who you choose to manage your personal investments.

Independent advice
If given the choice, most people would look for an experienced, independent investment and asset management specialist. RBA IFA is one of the relatively few remaining sources of independent financial advice in Northamptonshire.

Taking investment and asset management quality a step further
RBA’s independence often gets it shortlisted as an asset management option with investors. However, the team really stands out from other IFAs because they go the extra mile to ensure they understand their clients. This in itself is a demonstration of professional commitment to raising standards in the financial advice industry.

Finally, the icing on the cake
Most of RBA’s IFA team have remained with the organisation for 10–20 years, and have proactively contributed to a customer retention rate of 99%.

Given these facts, you might consider speaking to us about managing your investments: just call 01604 760766 or email [email protected]


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Managing Your Investment Assets to Meet Your Goals

We professionally manage hand-picked assets and investment funds, from an independent whole of market landscape, to meet each individual investor’s needs. Most of our team have been with RBA for 10-20 years which means that all the advice we give is:

  • of the highest quality
  • focused on the customer’s researched needs
  • well within his sphere of expertise.

Customer investment safety
RBA IFA aims to provide each client with the safest possible pair of expert hands to manage, monitor and develop their investment portfolio.

The best investments for your savings provide the highest yield and are tax efficient. RBA is a source of independent, impartial investment fund and asset management advice. We remove some of the ambiguity surrounding investing money, and go the extra mile to protect your hard-earned cash.

Why discuss asset management and investment needs with us?
We’re independent and work hard to maintain a 99% customer retention rate. If you find another source of financial advice in Northamptonshire that can match this, please let us know. If you’re unable to, please speak to us about managing your investments: just call 01604 760766 or email [email protected]

Business-to-Business Asset Management Services

There are many common misconceptions about corporate asset liabilities. In short, if an individual owns an investment portfolio, most people would expect to be taxed on its yield or sales. If your company owns investments, this adds a whole new layer of tax liabilities, which primarily show up in each end-of-year Corporation Tax bill.

Independent asset management advice for businesses
RBA is one of the few remaining independent financial advice centres in the region and we subscribe to the Chartered Insurance Institute Code of Ethics which demonstrates our commitment to integrity and quality. Most other companies don’t have these attributes and, as financial advisers are often one-man bands, often have limited business finance knowledge.

Working closely with your accountant or FD, we manage your assets and their yields just as carefully as we manage our own company’s investments and tax liabilities.

RBA’s corporate asset management specialists monitor your interests and issue quarterly reports so every stakeholder remains informed of the company’s investment performance. To arrange a free initial consultation, please call 01604 760766 or email [email protected]

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