Retirement: What’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Retirement: What’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What are the effects of winter on retirement?
It’s winter, the time for long dark nights and the news warning of yet another Artic Blast is on its way.  For those in retirement, winter can be a difficult season. Many feel cut off from their normal routine losing the important daily contact with their neighbours, friends and acquaintances. Winter can make you confined to the house watching endless daytime telly that would eventually get to us all. For those not yet retired, retirement seems like the best solution to avoid that alarm clock and slip back under the duvet for another few minutes or hours. Whatever the circumstance winter can be a precarious time of the year as the seasonal effects make their mark on our psychological state.

Four seasons within one’s mind.

Seasonality has shown to play an important role in the process of an investment decision. It can affect our moods which in turn influences our behaviour leading us to conclusions on investment we wouldn’t make at other times of the year. At Robert Bruce Associates, we see a significant change during the winter months in the types of investment conversations. It’s hardly surprising that as the flu bug starts to do the rounds many start to consider the benefits of living in a warmer climate leading to that villa in the South of Spain becoming ever more appealing. Seasonality can also lead to you making a retirement decision. Deciding when to retire may be one of the most important decisions an individual makes during his or her lifetime. Getting out of bed early to start the long commute to work in the cold, wind and rain is certainly a challenge at the best of times but when you’re of retirement age and pondering on the actual date, it’s difficult not to say today!

Do it right!

Robert Bruce Associates has over 200 years of collective experience in helping clients through the retirement journey. From setting their retirement plan, making the first investment to the actual retirement day decades later. Our highly experienced team of advisors are always on hand to take that call on the very cold, very dark Monday morning when you feel you’ve had enough at it’s time to ‘cash in your chips’. Making the right decision at the right time within the right environment is vital in maximising the benefits of your retirement plan.

So wrap up, have a hot beverage and go out and face the day.
Your time in the sun is coming but let’s make sure it’s the time to make the sunshine stay.


Professional advice is essential

When it comes to looking after our retirement planning and investments, vigilance and professional advice are essential. If you are wondering what to do, contact Robert Bruce Associates for individual assistance.