Retirement Planning: 2015 v 2016

Retirement Planning: 2015 v 2016

Like every year, a significant amount has happened during 2015 to influence retirement planning. When reflecting on the significant points you can see that every downside has an up. Take for example interest rates, the record low rate continues to suppress our savings but provides a more stable economy for planning our financial activity. While we see the slow, low growth, we avoid the boom and bust cycles. To deliver significant returns on investment during years of low growth and low-interest rates can be a challenge but it does reduce the moments of being either a big winner or massive looser.

Let’s Here About for the Girls!

The plight of retirement planning for females has become a major focus. A combination of lower wages thus, fewer retirement funds but a longer life during retirement years is a toxic formula. Changes in wage equality appear to be taking shape, but will retirement planning take account of the child care years? A solution needs to be found for those females taking the career and family paths. There’s still a higher percentage of females who make up the part-time and low paid employment sectors. It is important for the economy and us all that the retirement gender gap closed.

Self-Fulfilling Poor Retirement!

Being self-employed has seen a boom in recent years. There’s now an estimated 4.6m* within the UK operating as self-employed. It’s estimated that perhaps less than 10% of those are making the right provisions within their retirement planning. The flexibility and freedom in the working day that comes with being self-employed are also true in the planning of your retirement. You have the freedom and flexibility to invest as you see fit when you see fit but without the right advice, this can often leave you with an unexpected gap when it comes to taking your retirement.

What Will 2016 Bring?

In short, more of the above!

Robert Bruce Associates has been providing financial advice for almost 50 years thus, we expect and plan for all scenarios. Our advice is built around you the individual taking into account the current needs and your future retirement vision. Flexibility is a built-in feature to ensure your retirement plan can move with you and the market growing at the pace you need and can afford. Whatever 2016 will bring we wish you a fantastic and successful retirement planning year.

Professional advice is essential

When it comes to looking after our retirement planning and investments, vigilance and professional advice are essential. If you are wondering what to do, contact Robert Bruce Associates for individual assistance.