Retirement: How Do You Retire Happy?

Retirement: How Do You Retire Happy?



A great debate continues to rage within the medical world on the positive and negative health benefits of retirement. Make your choice as you will but as leading independent financial advisors with over 50 year’s history, what we know is, those who retire with a satisfactory financial position that allows for choice are those who retire happy the most.

If money does, give you freedom than it cannot be more pertinent, than in retirement.

But as four young lads from Liverpool once said, ‘Money can’t buy you love.’ What it does give you is the ability to make choices. The ability to enjoy experiences that you’ve always wanted to enjoy but didn’t have the time to do. Most of us have a bucket list even if it’s one we carry around in our minds. Things we’ve always wanted to do or achieve; attend a concert from our favourite artist, eat at a special restaurant or take a holiday to the destination you’ve always longed to see. The thoughts are with us but how do you get there, how do you retire happy?

It Starts with a Vision!

One of the first discussions we have with all customers is their vision of retirement, what would a happy retirement look like to them. The answers we get are varied but the common trait is that of a bucket list, a list of targeted experiences and activities to enjoy when time permits. The shared vision allows us to help the client determine the goals for their retirement plan. It’s an area we give some time to learning, discovering and projecting costs of what it will take to realise the dreams. From this, we help our clients develop the plan, the plan to retire happy.

The Grand Plan!

The retirement financial plan should reflect the aspirations of the vision but it also needs to balance today’s needs and wants with tomorrow’s dreams. Wealth is very subjective. Often we’re asked for a magic number to achieve with the retirement pot and the answer is always the same, it comes done to the individual retirement goals. There’s no definitive figure to reach. The nest egg required is the pension you want and need to fulfil your retirement vision. It’s also one that you can afford striking the correct balance in your finances for today and tomorrow.

Retirement is a time to be active, learn, travel, or start a new life journey.

Many will tell you that you’re likely to spend less in retirement. Those who’ve retired will tell you that initially you tend to spend more! You now have the time to do all those things within the vision so the tendency is to get out there and do them, the retirement ‘bubble’. All good retirement plans should have a contingency for the ‘bubble’. It should recognise the spike in activity that the time on your hands allows you to exploit.

There’s No Substitute for Experience!

Robert Bruce Associates has over 200 year’s collective experience in retirement plans and investment. We’ve helped thousands of people meet their retirement goals and vision. Day after day we watch client’s start their retirement exactly the way they wanted to and with the financial backing that allows them to make the choice for the initial retirement ‘bubble’ to the longer term retirement activity.

Find the way to Retire Happy. Find Robert Bruce Associates.

Professional advice is essential

When it comes to looking after our retirement planning and investments, vigilance and professional advice are essential. If you are wondering what to do, contact Robert Bruce Associates for individual assistance.