Retirement: Time For a Change?

Retirement: Time For a Change?

What age do you plan for your retirement?

Will you be able to take retirement at your targeted age?

These are questions that play on many minds each and every day. It seems the news informs us of an increase in retirement age on a regular basis. Planning for the future seems to be a like aiming for a moving target. Combine this with many of a working age that don’t want to retire at all and you’ve got a very confused picture.

What if there was no retirement age?

The Oxford Dictionary explains retirement as, “The action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work.” For many this is not a reality. Ask a retired person and they’ll reply that they’ve never been so busy!

Those within, and rushing towards the retirement age group are from the baby boom era. Born during the demographic post–World War II baby boomers are between the ages of 50 to 69. The generation that found Rock ‘n’ Roll, the generation that rejected the norm to break free and find their voices. The generation that sang, “…hope I die before I get old.” The thing is they’re expected to live longer than ever!

This generation is in no mood to just stop. They’ve started the ‘fire’ burning so want to keep the flames alive. Living life to the full. Living life for experiences through travel, food, family, music and much more. Generation X is changing the way we view retirement. Once again the baby boomers are at the forefront of social experimentation.

Many of Robert Bruce Associates customers are within the baby boom age bracket. Every day our financial experts are learning about the retirement plans of our customers. Our advice centres on helping customers realise those plans. Tailoring the investment plan to build the financial foundations that’ll allow the enjoyment of the many experiences sought during the retirement years. Recent changes in the provision of pensions reflect the need for flexibility within the definition of retirement. The changes empower the customer to utilise their investment in the way they see fit at a time suitable to them. The Robert Bruce Associates personal approach to investment enables the achievement of the greatest benefit.

Perhaps, why Robert Bruce Associates have a 99% customer retention rate.

The answer may be to redefine, retirement. Many see retirement as the time to live life to the full working their way through a travel and experiences bucket list.

Perhaps, it’s time to rebrand retirement.

Retirement: The action or fact of living one’s life to the full!


Professional advice is essential

When it comes to looking after our retirement planning and investments, vigilance and professional advice are essential. If you are wondering what to do, contact Robert Bruce Associates for individual assistance.